Bridging the Nano Divide

This 4th edition of the Nanotech Insight conference, NTI 2012, seeks to be an incubator of new ideas to explore how nanotechnology can help develop Egypt and the wider region both economically and socially, facilitating the rise of an innovation culture based on rigorous scientific debate and exploration in the following key areas:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Agriculture
  • Cement, Steel and Construction
  • Petroleum, Gas and Petro-chemicals
  • Nanoscience
  • More than any other science, nanotechnology highlights the importance of communication and collaboration. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, nanoscience has a fundamental role to play in bridging communities and narrowing the gap between those who have opportunities and those who do not - both within and between countries.

    In the wake of the Arab revolutions, Egypt is embarking on a pivotal transformation towards long-witheld freedom and prosperity. Critical to the success of this political transition is Egypt’s parallel ability to transform into a modern knowledge economy, positioning scientific thinking and ingenuity at the helm. Egyptians have astonished the world in the past months by their courage, creativity, and captivating engagement. The time is now, to meet with young Egyptians, forge lasting collaborations, and establish mutually reinforcing academic and business opportunities for the years ahead.

    We welcome you to Cairo to join us this multidisciplinary meeting with renowned scientists, engineers and industry leaders, aiming to bridge the gaps that currently separate nanoscientists worldwide and aiming to spark a new scientific revolution marked by the cleverness and ingenuity latent in the region.


    Mohamed Abdel Mottaleb
    Nile University, Egypt